Monday, May 28, 2012


So one night, my friend and I were in her car, talking about "attention whores". You know, those obnoxious douche bags who constantly need everyone to smell their summer's eve? Well anyhow, this was our topic of discussion and my friend started to talk about a girl who had informed her that she had been raped. She told me she thought the girl was just trying to get attention. My friend (who actually isn't my friend anymore by the way) went on to talk about how rape survivors NEVER EVER talk about their assault. They are always silent so this girl MUST be full of shit. **I should have told her that silence is one of the reasons people get away with rape so often. And that I found the "attention whore" in her story brave as opposed to dishonest. Why did my friend not understand that speaking out is the best way to fight this; that this woman was simply playing an active role in the fight against these sorts of attacks? I should have given her a piece of my mind but I stayed silent for reasons unknown to me. 

**Not saying that people who neglect to report their assaults are somehow at fault. The cards are pretty much stacked against people who report these things so I do understand why some people refuse to do so.


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