Monday, April 30, 2012

Shit radical MRAs say about women and feminists

Below are a collection of quotes from men's rights advocates. These people are actually starting to gain the attention of mainstream media and are even protesting against feminism. Even if you aren't for feminism you gotta agree that these guys are fucking creepy:

 "Before I get onto why slut shaming is a worthwhile and honorable pursuit in our society, I just want to quickly rehash why Slutwalk was anti-free speech, pro-irresponsibility, and pro-sexual perversion"
"A warning to others: By publicly calling out a person as a slut one is doing a public service. One is spreading useful information about a person. Men informing other men of a woman’s sluttiness are telling them she might carry STDs, that she’s quite likely to commit paternity fraud, and that she’s a risk of “accidental” pregnancy."
"Publicly shaming sluts teaches them to be more sexually responsible"
                                                        - Jason Sutherland

"There are some good looking women at the SlutWalks. It is an environment where even mediocre looking women, by comparison, can look good enough to be raped."
"C’mon people, Dworkin’s problem wasn’t that she was raped. Her problem, and I mean all along, was that she wasn’t."
"I make the following pledge as an activist, and as an American that believes fully in the rule of law. Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true."
  "Better a rapist would walk the streets than a system that merely mocks justice enslave another innocent man."                                    

"The real reason men and women cant be friends is that women lack moral agency." 
                                                               - Paul Elam

"I believe that today’s man can still restore his dominion in a world that is skewing against his favor by doing one thing: becoming a sexist. He must possess sexist beliefs for three reasons:
  • To have sexual relationships with women who are at least as pretty as he is handsome.
  • To assert his superiority over his female competitors in the workplace by playing the office game as well as they do (e.g. constantly bringing up accomplishments to managers, being outspoken, being two-faced, ass-kissing, and backstabbing).
  • To get laid at all."
" You’ve probably read my thoughts about not listening to a woman about dating or relationships, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t listen to a woman about anything. I’ve observed almost no cases where a man’s status or position has been increased from following a woman’s advice or opinions, and it’s much more likely for him to be harmed from it."
                                                                - RooshV

 "Though many arguments could be made against women's suffrage, though many arguments could be made against giving women the right to vote, this situation right here provides both empirical and prima facie evidence that women are NOT smart enough to vote; they do not have the mental wherewithal to vote. I mean, come on! How stupid do you have to be to DOUBLE your cursings from God?!"
           "Fourthly, the vast majority of American women ARE sluts!"


 "So if you’ve got great tits, or a pert, round behind, and you’ve put them on display, of course men are going to stare, princess. You might even get a few comments. Also, the difference between creepy and appreciative in those comments exists almost entirely in your mind, and not in the content of the offered commentary."
 "The real reason for slut walk is that women must never be criticized – ever, and the international show of force is a reminder to men, to know their correct station."
                                                 -John the other