Friday, March 9, 2012

This Just In: Gay Males Might Not Want to Shop With You!

Dear fellow heterosexual women,

I have been noticing a rather revolting behavior amongst our kind for a little while now and i think its time i spoke up:


They were not put on this Earth to be your shopping buddy. Believe it or not, some gay men don't FUCKING LIKE SHOPPING! And telling them upon meeting them that they "haffta go shopping" with you when no fucking shopping was mentioned is way too presumptious of you to say at the very least! NO they don't all want to go shopping with your dumb ass nor should you assume that they are fashion conscious simpy because of their orientation! They were not created to keep you in check when you are being stupid < insert feminist rant about how wrong it is for you expect the men folk to keep you in line > you are responsible for that! They are human beings not fucking fashion accessories so stop treating them as such!!!!!!

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