Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The little black dress

Ladies and gentlemen of the mainline, could you please be so kind as to keep your insecurities, politics, and hatred towards women off of my little black dress. Its hot and i want to be comfortable in the humidity.
This comfort is hampered by the leering, shouting, whistling, and general mistreatment by those of you so simple that you can not handle a little black dress. Ladies, if you are so bereft of self-esteem that you must treat me badly because you think i look nice in my little black dress: Stay the fuck home. Get some therapy. Eat your vegetables. Go exercise. Call Dr. Phill or Oprah. Do something to make yourself feel better other than projecting onto me. Your shitty attitude towards yourself is not my problem. And it will NOT be my problem no matter how badly you want it to be!
And to those men of heterosexual persuasion, making obscene gestures and shouting words of the same manner is NOT considered a compliment by any woman with half a brain. It feels threatening and plain old creepy. You really think being rude and objectifying me will make me swoon? Greet me as you would anyone else or face rejection sometimes coupled with humiliation if the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you :)

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