Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Disrespecting" Myself

I have heard it many times before, the accusation that if one is too promiscuous or prideful of their body in a sexual context that they do not respect themselves.

The problem I find with this argument is fairly simple: How I am or any other woman for that matter "disrespecting" ourselves by exercising sexual expression and seeking pleasurable experiences in this context? Its as if those using this argument believe that we cannot possibly be doing these things simply because we have needs of a sexual nature.

There are also those that try to justify this finger-wagging bullshit by using recent studies done within the field of evolutionary psychology - but these people seemed to have missed the nuances within the studies themselves. Coupled with the fact that the field itself has garnered much criticism due to a lack of proper testability renders this defense almost completely moot.  

But at the end of the day, its really none of your fucking business what goes on in any other bedroom but your own and the moralistic bullshit that fuels this attitude seems shallow and baseless in nature. I seek pleasure because it makes me happy, not because I lack respect for myself. What I seek may not be what you seek but you don't see me calling you a prude now do you?

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