Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gender Differences

One of the most perplexing opinions about feminism EVAR:

"Men and women aren't the same! They can't do the same things EVER. Why doesn't feminism recognize this?!"

Okay dipshit, here's where your stupid: WE DO RECOGNIZE THE VERY OBVIOUS DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE GENDERS. Do you sincerely believe that we are so dense as to not notice them?

The nuance missing from your opinion is one that is fairly simple to understand. Can you see the logical fallacy in this statement and still hold the opinion above?

 "If men are typically taller than women, than all men are taller than all women."

Physically impossible correct? I just disproved your shit. Men and women are not cookie cut according to assigned gender at birth! There are any number of attributes a single person can have and you want me to believe they can only have them from one pool based on gender alone? How fucking small minded can you be?!?

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