Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You cannot replace growing up with censorship. Pretending to longer enjoy anything vulgar in an effort to appease your society/culture and appear "Grown-up" is transparent and dangerous.

It s dangerous because the more politically correct, non-curse-word-using assholes exist, the less we can express ourselves the way we as individuals see fit.

The transparency part lies in fact that you are giving up those words because your "older now" and everybody knows what that means! It means chopping off your hair and getting sloppy, hideous hightlights. It means working yourself to near death so that you can finally sit down when you're sixty! And it means no cuss words or dirty innuendo for you anymore cause you're too fucking much of an old fart!

So why don't you just try to relax and let out a few fuck-you's here in there huh? I won't think any less of you i promise. And maybe we can even develop some sort of freedom of speech?

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